Saved Json-Server API Fake Resources

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Backend API Mocking Made Easy

Simplicity and efficiency in mocking results in more time for developing and testing. Backend API Mock - Head
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Saved Fake API Resources

Create and manage your Fake API Resources online. Use the response options feature for setting a different status code or custom response headers.

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Build-In Live Preview

The build-in live preview allows you to see the result while defining the resource on the fly. Save a lot of time on creating saved resources.

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Build-In Json Code Editor

The syntax highlighting and autocompletion of our Json Editor for saved api resources improves the working experience significantly.

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Dynamic Fake Resource Request

You can also send your fake api resource definition as POST request body to retrieve the fake data in case you dont want to use saved resources.

How to use your Json-Server API in your project

Check out the example projects for different frameworks and libraries.

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How use your Json-Server API with nuxt.js. Check out the example repository on github.
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Let Your Development Become More Efficient

Create your API Fake Resources quickly and easily online and request them directly from your application. Save a lot of time and put more focus on your developing and testing. - Get Started
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    Request from your application

    Request your fake backend api server directly with defined schema in request body or request your saved resources by those url paths.